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At KUJIconnect you have the rare opportunity to join us as we go into the Anime, Hobby Shops, and Second Hand Shops around Japan during our LIVE STREAMS on our Facebook Page ( Not only can you experience the excitement of treasure hunting in these stores but you can also buy figures, plushies, posters, cards, see it in our steam you can send us a comment while we are at the shop and we can pick it up for you!

Come join us on our next stream and who knows what kind of treasures we can find!

Missed our LIVE STREAM?

We got you covered! We also offer an Online Service. Let us know what you are looking for and we will search the Japanese websites. We are very experienced with using sites such as, Yahoo Auction,, and many more.

We will take care of everything to make it super easy to find those hard to find collectibles you have always wanted.

Refer to our Step by Step Guide below.

Online Auction Service

Having trouble finding that perfect Anime Collectible? Let KUJIconnect help by doing all the hard work of finding what you are looking for on the Japanese websites and then dealing with the sellers and shipping and then forwarding it to your door!!

Pick-Up Service

Did you see something you like? Make sure to watch when we go 'Junkin' all around Japan and get a exclusive look into the Japanese Anime and Second Hand Shops with KUJIconnect and see what we find!!

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