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Ichiban Kuji

What is Ichiban kuji?

Ichiban Kuji (一番くじ) is Japanese for Number One Lottery. The Ichiban Kuji is operated by Banpresto and is ONLY AVAILABLE IN JAPAN... Until now! 


Through out the year there is many different Kuji's for different Japanese Animes like Dragon Ball, Pokemon, One Piece, Gundam, and many more. To play the Ichiban Kuji, you would either find the poster in the windows of anime shops, bookstores, and convenience stores throughout Japan. You would then go up to the clerk and ask for the Ichiban Kuji you wish to play. In a typical Ichiban Kuji there is anywhere from 60-80 tickets and each ticket is a GUARANTEED WIN!

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ONLY @ KUJIconnect:

Receive a FREE Gashapon

for every TEN (10)

Tickets Purchase

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The Prizes


The prizes will labeled A-Z depending on the variety of the prizes. The larger and more sought after prizes are usually A-C or A-E and are mostly exclusive figures or plushies. The lower prizes are commonly keychians, hand towels, shikishi art boards, cups/mugs. All items in the Ichiban Kuji are exclusive to that lottery! and they ARE NOT SOLD IN STORES! the only way to get them is from the Ichiban Kuji or at second hand shops. 

So we mentioned all the prizes and all tickets are winners, but there is one thing special about the Ichiban Kuji... The 'LAST ONE' Prize (ラストワン賞). There is ONLY one 'LAST ONE' prize in each Kuji making that prize VERY RARE and the only way to get the 'LAST ONE' is to be the person to buy the last remaining ticket on the Ichiban Kuji. So you will get the normal amount of prizes you would normally get from the tickets you purchased, and then you will be awarded the 'LAST ONE' prize in addition to your other prizes won!

The Staff here at KUJIconnect is more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the Ichiban Kuji, and most of all.... GOOD LUCK!!

Kuji Tickets

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Step 1) Buy a ticket(s)

Step 2) Watch our LIVE STREAM drawing on Facebook

Step 3) Your tickets will be drawn and you win what is indicated on

               the ticket!

Step 4) An invoice will be sent from KUJIconnect for Shipping Costs.

               Shipping cost is based upon weight of all prizes won. If the                     shipping deposit covers the shipping cost you will not be                         charged and prizes will ship immediately.

Step 5) If the shipping deposit does not cover the shipping costs,                         you will be charged for the difference. Once shipping is paid                   for, your prizes will mailed to your door!


WITH KUJIconnect:

What Prizes are left?

Ichiban Kuji Prize Listings 

So how do you know what prizes are left? At KUJIconnect we do as they do in Japan and take the ticket stub with the letter grade on it and place it on the corresponding prize on the 'Scoreboard.' The Scoreboard tells you what prizes have been won and what prizes remain in the Kuji.


Here is the most current Ichiban Kuji Scoreboard of the kujis we are hosting in the US. This photo will update after every drawing to reflect the remaining prizes per lottery!



You can always message our staff to get real-time updates of remaining prizes.

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