Welcome Pokémon Fans!

Pokemon broke out onto the scene back in 1995 and to this day is still just as popular in Japan since then!

Pokémon was created by Satoshi Tajiri in 1995 with 151 original characters. Now the series has over 800 Pokémon!

With the success of the Pokémon video games for the Gameboy and the trading card game it was time to start producing Pokémon Merchandise! On April 25, 1998, the first Pokémon Center was opened in Tokyo, specializing in Pokémon merchandise. Many such stores were opened in later years, and today there are six different stores across Japan.

As collectors ourselves we at KUJIconnect are passionate about offering only the highest quality collectible to our customers. We only offer 100% Authentic Pokémon goods from Japan Guaranteed.


With so many Pokémon to collect, better start here and remember, "Gotta' catch 'em ALL!" 

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