Pokemon Tight Fitting Cable Cover Figure 2 Gashapon

Pokemon Tight Fitting Cable Cover Figure 2 Gashapon

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What do you get when you combine Pokemon with a cable protector?


You get the Kitan Club Pokemon Tight Fitting Cable Cover!


Now with the second installment which offers new characters and are cute as ever. The cable cover or "Cable Bite" protects your headphone cord by preventing the cable to bend to the point were the cable becomes damaged. Add the Pokemon character on top and you get the cutiest practical Gahsapon Prize. So if you are a Pokemon Fan this cable bite is for you!


Product Name: Kitan Club: Pokemon Tight Fitting Cable Cover Figure 2



  • Pikachu

  • Rowlett

  • Inkay

  • Geodude

  • Slowpoke

  • Teddiursa

Brand: Kaitan Club

Size: 1"

Material: PVC

Released in Japan: May 2018

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