Dragon Ball Super Ultimate Deformed Mascot BURST41

Dragon Ball Super Ultimate Deformed Mascot BURST41

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Welcome to the UDM Burst Collection, MASTER ROSHI!!! Making his UDM Debut Master Roshi is now available in Gachapon form! Along with other Dragon Ball Super Characters. But this time there is 2 versions of Master Roshi!!! Regular form has Master Roshi with his yellow tunic, iconic turtle sheel, and cane. 


The SUPER RARE Master Roshi is wearing a purple outfit along with his turtle sheel and with both arms raised and hands displaying the 'Peace' sign!


The only way to get the SUPER RARE Master Roshi is to play the 'Random' option and test your luck with our Bandai Capsule Station VI!! Good Luck



  • SSGSS Vegetto: Xeno
  • SSG Vegeta
  • Turtles
  • Super Andriod 17
  • Master Roshi
  • Master Roshi: RARE 'Peace' Hands Special Color Version


Brand: Bandai

Material: PVC

size: About 40 mm (1.5in)

Released in Japan: March, 2020

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