They are big and squishy!! The Pocket Monsters Big Koroto Soft Plush Series are a collection of different types of Pokemon with a big face and long body! There are many Pokemon to collect in this series from large to small, you got to catch 'em all!


The only way to get these plushies are to play any of the 'UFO' catcher (UFOキャッチャー) games, or as they are known as Crane Games. These machines are in video arcades and game centers throughout Japan. Due to this, they are VERY COLLECTIBLE.




  • Complete Set 2 of 2
  • Approximately: 26cm (10.23in)

  • Released in Japan: Thursday, December 14, 2017

Pocket Monsters Big Koroto Soft Plush ~ Growlithe & Arcanine

  • Processing may take up to 10 Business days


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