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The first Eevee Ichiban Kuji of 2020 and this year it will be with a Floral Candy theme. With prizes ranging from plushies, cushions, bags, plates, and charms there is plenty of variety for everyone!


Do not miss out on the unique and EXCLUSIVE prizes and enjoy the fun and excitement of the Ichiban Kuji!


This Kuji has been delayed due to the impact of the COVID-19 Virus and is set to release in Japan in April.


Prize Lineup:

○ Prize A Sleeping Eevee Plush

○ Prize B Eevee Soft Cushion

○ Prize C Clear Bag

○ Prize D Candy Style Porch

○ Prize E Candy Art Plate

○ Prize F Art Towel

○ Prize G Candy Charm Keychain

○ LAST ONE Prize Omekashi Super Soft Eevee plush


Release Date in Japan: 03 May 14, 2020 (Saturday) *DELAYED*

Ichiban Kuji: Pokemon: Eevee and Floral Candy

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