From the 一番くじ ワンピース: The Best Edition~ released ONLY JAPAN on 22 July 2018. This is the 'A' Prize figure.


Luffy is in his iconic red shirt with jean shorts and yellow sash, flip flops and tipping his straw hat. The details are top notch as always and was sculpted by the team at MASTERLISE and is a must have for Luffy fans!



  • Base for added stability
  • Gold JDM (Japan Domestic Market) Toei Animation Authentic Sticker
  • Size: 25cm (9.84in)
  • Material: ABS and PVC
  • Non-articulated figure
  • Released in Japan: July 22,  2018

Ichiban Kuji ONE PIECE: The Best Edition 'A' Monkey D. Luffy Figure

  • Processing may take up to 10 Business days


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