From the 一番くじ ドラゴンボール ~超戦士バトル列伝~ Ichiban Kuji Dragon Ball Super: Warrior Battle Legend. Released in JAPAN ONLY,  Exclusively at 7Eleven and Ito-Yokado stores.


The legendary warrior Vegetto makes an apperience in the May 2018 Ichiban Kuji. The amount of detailing on him is what is to be expected from Banpresto and masterfully sculped as if floating in mid air and intense look in his eyes. This was the 'F' Prize from the May 2018 Dragon Ball Super Ichiban Kuji and was one of the many figures prizes from this lottery.



  • Base for added stability
  • Gold JDM (Japan Domestic Market) Toei Animation Authentic Sticker
  • Size: 20cm (7n)
  • Material: ABS and PVC
  • Non-articulated figure
  • Released in Japan: May 02,  2018

Ichiban Kuji Dragon Ball Super Super Warriors Battle 'F' Prize SSG Vegetto

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