Its time for the next installment in the Super Master Stars Piece Collection!
Straight out of the Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie, Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Gogeta makes his SMSP debut for this years Amusement Ichiban Kuji!
The Amusement Ichiban Kuji is a VERY LIMITED release prize lottery that is ONLY released in Japan at select Game Centers and Arcades across Japan. Each set only has 10 figures so tickets are limited.. This is a GUARANTEED WIN! Every ticket will win a figure!
Release Date:
14 December 2019
Prize Lineup:
	The Brush I / A Prize / 01 (SSGSS Gogeta) (4 Pieces per Kuji)
	The Brush II / B Prize / 02 (SS Gogeta) (3 Pieces per Kuji)
	The Brush III / C Prize / 03 (Gogeta) (2 Pieces per Kuji)
	Two Dimensions / D Prize / 04 (SSGSS 2D Painted Gogeta) (1 Piece per Kuji)

Ichiban Kuji Dragon Ball Super: Super Master Stars Piece: The Gogeta

    • This listing is ONLY for Ichiban Kuji Tickets
    • Buyer is responsible for shipping cost for prize(s) won
    • Drawings will be scheduled based upon delivery date of the Kuji
    • Tickets can NOT be refunded after ticket has been opened
    • Every ticket wins a prize
    • The Kuji ends once the last ticket is sold