What do you get when you combine Super Master Stars Piece and Banpresto World Figure Colosseum? Why you get one of the most incredible Goku figures of the year!

Combining the intricate details and sculping from the BWFC Collection and the size and quality of the SMSP Collection comes together in harmony. With 4 different color versions to include the 'Two Dimensions' color version which is always a favorite amongst collectors. So dont miss the next instalment of the Amusement Ichiban Kuji!
The Amusement Ichiban Kuji is a VERY LIMITED release prize lottery that is ONLY released in Japan at select Game Centers and Arcades across Japan. Each set only has 10 figures so tickets are limited.. This is a GUARANTEED WIN! Every ticket will win a figure!
Release Date in Japan:
25 April 2019
Prize Lineup:

The BRUSH / A Prize / 01
(Son Goku) (4 Pieces per Kuji)

The ORIGINAL / B Prize / 02
(Son Goku) (3 Pieces per Kuji)

The TONES / C Prize / 03
(Son Goku) (2 Pieces per Kuji)
(Son Goku) (1 Piece per Kuji)

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