Ichiban Kuji: Dragon Ball: Strong Chains

Ichiban Kuji: Dragon Ball: Strong Chains




FREE Gashapon (Capsule Toy) when you buy 10 or more tickets**




This Kuji is looking like one of the best Kujis this year and should not disappoint!Going back to some of the classic Goku and Vegeta figures styled from the figures from the Dragon Ball: Memories Kuji releasedat the end of 2017.


New for this Kuji is the amount of unique figures as well as Krillin!Set to release this year get your tickets early by pre ordering your tickets with KUJIconnect.


Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the release date as well as the date for the streams to begin will be to be determined due to shipping delays and other difficulties releated to the outbreak. We at KUJIconnect will be on top of the situation and update y'all to keep everyone up to date!


Prize LIneup:

A Prize: Master Roshi Figure ( 3 Head types!)

B Prize: Vegeta Figure (18cm)

C Prize: Krillin Figure (18cm)

D Prize: Son Goku Figure (25cm)

E Prize: Dragon Archives Mini Figure Stand (4 Types) (7.5cm)

F Prize: Art Towel (4 Types) (60cm)

G Prize: Memorial Original Art (8 Types) (B4 Size)

H Prize: Clear File Set + Sticker (8 Types) (A4 Size) (Sticker: 10cm)

LAST ONE Prize: Krillin & Son Gohan (Krillin: 18cm / Son Gohan: 11.5cm)


    • This listing is ONLY for Ichiban Kuji Tickets
    • Shipping fees are based on weight and dimension of the prize(s) won.
    • Buyer is responsible for shipping cost for prize(s) won
    • Drawings will be scheduled based upon delivery date of the Kuji
    • Tickets can NOT be refunded after ticket has been opened
    • Every ticket wins a prize
    • The Kuji ends once the last ticket is sold
    • All drawings will be hosted LIVE on our KUJIconnect Facebook Page