The 'LAST ONE' Super Saiyan Son Gokou from the Ichiban Kuji Battle of World With Dragon Ball Legends!

The only way to get this figure is to buy the last remaining ticket and there is only 1 Last One prize per lottery making this prize VERY RARE!!

The MASTERLISE: EMOVING sculpt is one of the most inclusive figure to date for the Ichiban Kuji! Including additional parts that include a Base Gokou head and arms make this figure an absolute masterpiece and is a must-have for any collector!!

Only 1 Type
LAST ONE Color Version
Size: Approximately 25cm (9.84in)
Auxiliary parts included: Foot Base, Arms, Base Gokou Head
Kuji Release Date: Wednesday October 17, 2018
Includes 4 Shikishi from the same Ichiban Kuji (While Supplies Last)

Ichiban Kuji Battle of World W/ Dragon Ball Legends: 'LAST ONE' SS Son Gokou

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