I LOVE GENGAR: Big Gengar Plush

I LOVE GENGAR: Big Gengar Plush




The "I LOVE GENGAR" Collection is a line of Gengar Plushies from Banpresto and they are made with super soft material and each plush shows off Gengar's silly personality.


In Japan the only way to get this plush was to play any of the 'UFO' catcher (UFOキャッチャー) games, or as they are known as Crane Games. These machines are in video arcades and game centers throughout Japan. Its also common in Japan to only release a set of plushies one time and are rarely released a second time. Due to this, that makes the plushies rare and very collectible.



  • Brand: Banpresto

  • Size: 20cm (7.8in)

  • Released in Japan: Thursday, August 22, 2019


    • Processing may take up to 10 Business days
    • New with Tag
    • Guaranteed Authentic from Japan