The child of the ledgendary Son Gokou, Son Gohan makes his debut into the Grandista Figure Line! The seventh installment to the Grandista Dragon Ball Series has Gohan in his Super Saiyan Form. The styling is once again top notch and is to be expected from Grandista Figures. Gohan is wearing his iconic purple gee with battle damage and also comes with additional accessories to out fit Gohan the way you like! 


The Grandista line will most certainly the best option for seasoned collectors and beginners due to the quality of the sculpts and value.



  • Foot base for added stability
  • Gold JDM (Japan Domestic Market) Toei Animation Authentic Sticker
  • Approximately 20cm (7.9in) tall
  • Material: ABS and PVC
  • Non-articulated figure
  • Released in Japan: Thursday, October 25, 2018

Dragon Ball Z Grandista - Resolution of Soldiers - Super Saiyan Son Gohan

$36.99 Regular Price
$27.74Sale Price
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