Get your very own Bandai Capsule Station!!


Just like the Capsule station VI's we use here at KUJIconnect just in 1/12 scale!

The Capsule Station works just like the real machine! Open the hopper and fill your machine with Gashapon!! Give the handel a crank, and out pops a capsule!!! Just like the real thing !!

Collect all 7 colors to make your very own Bandai Capsule Station Wall!!!




  • White

  • Orange

  • Purple

  • Yellow

  • Green

  • Black

  • Pink

Brand: Bandai

Size: 2"

Material: PVC

Released in Japan: September 2018

1/12 Scale Official Bandai Capsule Stations

    • 1 Capsule per order
    • All Gashapons are picked at random using our Bandai Capsule Station Gashapon Machine
    • Video of your Gashapon pulls will be provided via email, messenger and/or Live Stream
    • Processing may take up to 10 Business days